Top 5 Benefits of a Career in Nursing

Nursing is one of the genuinely revered employment positions in the world, because the work is incredibly meaningful. Apart from salary or other benefits that come with the job, it involves touching people’s lives in a positive way. A career in nursing involves personal fulfillment to the person involved knowing that they are impacting other people’s lives.

Of course there are man, many benefits to nursing careers, however below are five to get you thinking about it as a career option for you.

1. Job security: Nursing is not a career affected by economic conditions because the health care system is quite independent when looking at the economy at large. Jobs in the health care system are not affected by economic uncertainties because nursing jobs are determined by the size of the population. It is evident that the economy keeps growing day after and day meaning that nursing careers keep growing each day.

2. Flexible working hours: A career in nursing offers flexible working hours as opposed to the traditional 8 to 5 jobs. Nursing jobs are mostly done in shifts so this means that you have an opportunity to choose hours that are flexible for you. Nursing can be done as a part time job for people involved in other activities. Continuing students for instance can do nursing as a part time job for the period they are not in school.

3. Various specialties to choose from: Nursing is just a basic area of study that opens opportunities for study in other related fields. People who train in nursing can choose to work in nursing homes or hospitals. Working in hospitals opens further opportunities depending on one’s interest or passion. Here are some categories of nursing that may appeal:

  1. Advanced Practice Registered Nurse: Top of the nursing ladder, well-payed and specialist positions available.
  2. Nurse Practitioner: Managerial role where you oversee other nurses and help with patient diagnostics.
  3. Registered Nurse: No requirement to ger a degree, well compensated and a range of employment roles available.
  4. Licenced Practical Nurses: Work alongside doctors and Registered Nurses.
  5. Certified Nursing Assistant: Assist LPNs and RNs. Starting role at around $24,000.


Some nurses may develop an interest to work with stroke victims, cancer patients, surgical wards or even assisting surgeons in operating rooms. All these are specialties and opportunities available to nurses from the time they start nursing school.

4. Chances to grow in the career: Training in nursing is a gateway towards growing in other areas and specialties. Persons with a nursing degree for instance can grow and advance in other careers like management. A management career combined with a nursing career are very essential in leadership and such people can became leaders or managers of a nursing unit.

5. Attractive wages and benefits: Nurses are being handsomely compensated for the good job they do. The health care system has identified the importance of nurses and they are paying them according to the input they bring. Salaries of nurses are determined by experience, registration, certification and area of expertise. Nurses enjoy benefits like medical and dental benefits.


Nursing is a highly-rewarding career choice where you can make a genuine difference to those that you assist. Give it due consideration and perhaps it’s the right career option for you?

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