5 TIPS For An Award Winning Resume

administrative assistant resumeWhether this is your first time to create or it has been years since you polished the old one, creating a curriculum vitae seems to be a daunting task to so many. After all, you want to catch the first ten seconds of the prospective employer representative’s attention, and be spared from the countless resumes being thrown out in the trash without being given a second glance for a chance. You must remember to include a cover letter in your application together with your resume.

  1. Research on the qualifications and requirements of the job. Before you start opening up the trunk full of those medals and awards, you need to do your homework and research first. Be fully acquainted and abreast on the qualities and needed attributes that a particular job entails. Remember, a job opening is a cry for help from someone, (in this case the recruiter ) which desperately needs something to be done. And they need that someone to have certain qualities in order for this problem to be solved. If you already know the company that you wish to apply for, then by doing your research on their background and culture gives you an idea of exactly what they need. Once you’ve know, you’re way ahead of your competitors.
  2. Design your resume around the needed qualities of the job. If your prospective company has posted the requirements they need, make that as a template for your resume. Do not however copy them verbatim. On the other hand, make it as a checklist and a rundown for you. Do you have most if not all of them? That will be the starting point in creating your winning resume.
  3. Be specific in highlighting your special skills. Phrases such as, “achieve goals with efficiency”, and doesn’t cut it. This is a vague entitlement and does not depict anything of your past contribution the company. Write down all the major milestones of the past five years in your employment and make a specific narrative of such achievements. So in this example, you can put: “surpassed our company’s goal of $5M in sales by launching my new marketing campaign”.
  4. Emphasize your awards and achievements. Do not downplay the achievements you had. One must be proud of this accomplishments and it will certainly help the prospective company to know that they can benefit from the qualities that got you the awards in the first place. Awards that are not “workplace” related are also important to include. Did you win a marathon? Did you get a medal for an excellent volunteer job? These will surely put you ahead above your competitors. Companies want to hire employees who are not only good in the workplace, but someone who can be reliable in terms of dealing with other people, learns how to have fun outside the company and someone who have a heart in helping those that are in need.
  5. Make the list of your work experience and education brief. Interviewers do not have the time to read through a five page resume. Once you have featured your qualities and skills, a record of your past employment will give the recruiter a birds’ eye view of your career path. There is no need for you to put the exact date of each history – the year of employment is now acceptable as a reference of the employment period.

You might want to visit the essentials of an award winning resume to give you more chances in landing an interview.


Biggest Mistakes You Need To Avoid


Types and Sample of Resumes

There is a plethora of information and tips that you can from as you browse over the different types and approaches on creating your resume. Two of the most common approaches are the functional resume and the chronological one. The former focuses more on the skills and qualifications that are needed in order to get the job done while the later emphasizes more on the number of years of experience one has including the educational background. Both of these are important and choosing which one to use depends on the the culture of the company that you are prospecting. Medical fields most often end up looking at a lot of chronological approach, since the job deals a lot about the regulations and licenses on that particular industry. The corporate world however, looks at how efficient and effective your skills are in the application of what you learned in the everyday task of juggling the ever changing world of business as you can read on most of the magazine issue.

Administrative Assistant Resume

administrative assistant resumeThe importance of an administrative assistant can never be emphasized enough by employers and supervisors. They are the unsung heroes of the corporate world. This indispensable role and function in every department and organization has played a vital contribution to the success of every single company. They are the glue that holds all the different branches of each business. Why did we start on elaborating your function ? Because knowing how important you are to the prospective recruiter will give you more panache in the creation of your resume.

Essential Tips in Creating your Administrative Assistant Resume

  • A functional approach appeals more to this type of job, which means recruiters are more interested in looking at the competencies and achievements that you have contributed to your previous employers. Include adjective yet specific phrases such as “efficient implementation of the cost-cutting system” instead of “followed the rules given”.
  • Be specific as to how you are going to make your prospective supervisors’ job improve for the better as a result of you skills in assistance. Example would be: “effective hands on approach in event and office coordination to support the office manager”.
  • Include the technology skills that you know including computer proficiency, fax machine operation, phone system operation and the like. These would show that you are capable of staying at the edge of the modern world.
  • Limit your resume to at least two pages if possible. Too many employment experiences in a short span of time is actually not helpful as this shows a fast turnover of your work in a certain company.


123 Main Street l New York, NY 10020
800-888-9999 I coverletter@myemail.com

Efficient and multi-lingual administrative professional with experience of  over twelve years providing cross-organizational support. Expertise in multiple project management, top notch event planning caliber and seamless meetings and travel arrangements.


  • Advance Technical Skills in Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Oracle
  • Calendar management and travel arrangement
  • Database entry with 90WPM typing speed
  • Employee expense reporting  and budget administration
  • Customer service and client complain resolution
  • Supplies inventory and control
  • Multi-line phone systems operation


Alpha Company Inc.  (Feb 2012 – present)
Administrative Assistant

  • Customer service through telephone, computer and face to face interface
  • Systematized database platform by creating spreadsheets for legal department
  • Resolved clients complaints resulting in increased re-order rates
  • Sorted incoming mails and managed all outgoing packages
  • Heavy calendar management for accounting manager and staff

All Daises Flower Inc. (Sept 2010 – Feb 2012)
Administrative Staff

  • Greet customers and assist in flower arrangement choices
  • Daily sales entries as instructed by accounting staff
  • Coordinate with drivers according to delivery schedules and orders
  • Data entry on documents, drafts and memos as instructed by store owner
  • Maintained supply inventory of flower accessories


Cherokee Community College –  New York, NY
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (June 2013)


Teacher Resume

teacher resumeMost teaching jobs have an application interface that the school district supplies as supported by the US Department of Education. However, this do not prohibit someone from submitting a personalized curriculum  vitae as there is not much capability to expound on the more important details that you wish the recruiter need to know to consider you as the best candidate for the job. There are over twenty different types and levels of the teaching industry that is why we have prepared one that you can base your resume from for free. The principles are the same, focus on the milestones of contribution you have provided to the school which resulted in return on the improved learning of the students.


123 Main Street l San Francisco, CA 94320
800-888-9999 I coverletter@myemail.com

Dedicated, enthusiastic and results driven elementary teacher with a solid focus on the overall  social and academic growth of every single student. Provides excellent interpersonal and interaction skills to improve and foster meaningful student , colleague and parental relationships.


  • Creative and Interactive Lesson Planning
  • Effective Tracking of Student Development Through  Parent Communication
  • Expertise in Reading, Writing, Math and Science Curriculum Preparation
  • Standardized Testing Student Equipment and Scoring
  • Multi-dischiplinary and Individualized Educational Plans
  • Seamless Implementation of Assessment Tools
  • Mentored First Place Students in Science and Math Fairs


Washington Academy  (Feb 2010 – present)
Third Grade Teacher

  • Created and implemented a district approved curriculum that included lesson plans for the third grade
  • Facilitation of daily classroom instruction and student participation and interaction
  • Administration of periodic quizzes, tests, homework and class experiments with proper assessment of student performances as a result
  • Daily interaction and communication with parents for student improvement through the use of journal packets sent home by student
  • Developed a height of student curiosity and creativity through a variety of tools for teaching such as visual aids, technology application and increased nature exposed activities.
  • For three years in a row, students from my class have been awarded first place in the City Wide Science and Math fairs.
  • Integrated technology through approved district field trips and science camps to research companies and wildlife sanctuaries within the city


New York University –  New York, NY
Bachelor of Science in Education  (June 2009)


Dental Assistant Resume

dental assistant resumeAs with all the assistants in any organization, a dental assistant is a vital member of the dentists’ staff and team. They serve to make sure that the dentist can fulfill his or her role seamlessly and that patient loyalty is preserved. There are a lot of opportunities for advancement in this industry. Most students in who study to become licensed dentists start in this role to learn hands on what it takes to become an effective doctor someday. Duties have a wide range from simple client assist to what is called an expanded function which include but not limited to assisting in dental x-rays, teeth polishing procedures, topical flouride treatments to name a few. As you created your dental assistant resume, make sure to pinpoint these expanded functions that you may have exposure and experience to either as a student or in your previous employment.



123 Main Street l Chicago, IL 58795
800-888-9999 I coverletter@myemail.com

Dedicated Certified Dental Assistant, with over five years of experience in chairside and expanded assistance and expert use of dental laboratory tools and procedures. Excellent client and staff communication skills with emphasis on patient care and follow-up.


  • Efficient Dental X-ray function and Taking of Impressions and Bite Registrations
  • Application of Topical Flouride Treatments and Teeth Whitening
  • Effective Assistance in Orthodontic Procedures
  • Expertise in Dental Laboratory Methods
  • Delivery of Patient Personal Oral Care Instructions
  • Inventory Control Management
  • Placement and Removal of Periodontal Dressings
  • Seamless Removal of Orthodontic Ligature ties and Placement of Separators
  • Periodic Event Planning of Health Fair Booths


AZ Dental Office  (Aug 2009 – present)
Dental Assistant

  • Chairside dental assist of patient treatments, diagnosis and orthodontic procedures
  • Management of office infection control through instrument cleaning, sterilization, disinfection, and re-circulation as well as making sure the dental treatment room has been disinfected.
  • Hands-on office management support in answering phones, inventory control, and computer database entry.
  • Daily interaction and communication with clients in terms of greetings, phone answering , calendar appointments  and following up of scheduled appointments.
  • As instructed by dentist, taken x-rays and impressions and bite registrations
  • Poured impressions for the making of plaster models, as well as preparation of casting models and dies
  • Assisted in the fabrication of mouth guards, temporary crowns and customized impression trays.


New York University –  New York, NY
Associate in Applied Science – Dental Assist  (June 2009)


Executive Assistant Resume

executive assistant resumeExecutive assistants have played a vital role in the successes of many popular CEO’s, CFO’s and company Presidents. In the corporate worlds, they are the unseen right hand of the most powerful figure in any given organization. Do not let the term “assistant” fool you. Their importance can easily be seen as reflected in their salary which is not shy of high five figures and for some has been in the high six figures as well. It takes year of dedication and experience coupled with the balancing act of people skills as well as functional focus, for someone to join this elite group of professionals that many have tried to achieve. As you will observe below, the focus is more on how one can be dispensable to the executive’s benefit and as a direct result, helpful in the overall improvement of the company.


123 Main Street l Los Angeles, CA 90210
800-888-9999 I coverletter@myemail.com

 Dedicated, competent and discreet Executive Assistant with over five years of trusted experience handling confidential projects and matters. Expertise in travel arrangements at a moments notice and seamless calendar management of complex appointments and events.


  • Expert Travel Arrangements, Meeting Preparation and Conference Facilitation
  • Proficient in all MS Office Applications, FrontPage, Quickbooks, Photoshop and Visio
  • Knowledge of Accounting Functions in relation to Employee Expense Reports
  • Quick Adaptability and Resiliency with Project Confidentiality
  • Prompt Submission of Reports, Minutes and Researches
  • Effective Liaison between Financial, Governmental and Private Organizations as needed


AZ Corporation  (Aug 2010 – present)
Executive Assistant to CFO

  • Managed all personal and business affairs of CFO who constantly travels to international offices of AZ Corporation which include heavy calendar appointments and travel arrangements
  • Preparation of reports, charts, powerpoint and presentations to meetings and conferences; sometimes at a days’ notice and came out seamlessly.
  • Awarded as the Executive Assistant of The Year in 2011
  • Cross organizational interaction with different executives in the company such as the VP’s of different departments, the CEO, Directors and members of the board.
  • Assist with preparation of financial statements to beat deadlines on monthly and annual submission of the same.

Connivent Investors Group  (Aug 2008 – present)
Executive Assistant to Partner

  • Assisted legal counsel in his case preparation and legal research
  • Served as the go to person for clients who wanted follow-up with their case. Heavy client interaction face to face, through phone, video conferencing and email interface.
  • Supervised the major transition of the start-up partnership from a one story office to three stories building within five miles of distance. Such move include proper technology system set-up, movers logistics, and financial overseeing capabilities.
  • Preparation of of legal briefs, documentations, as well as legal research and laws
  • Assists legal counsel with litigation procedures, organization and filing of case files.


New York University –  New York, NY
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration  (June 2009)


Customer Service Resume

customer service resumeCustomer service jobs vary in nature. Most of these jobs entail face to face interaction on a daily basis with customers or buyers while others involves heavy phone interaction. Yet there are other jobs that require constant typing on the keyboard in with remote interaction through the use of technology known as telecustomer interaction. Across all these types, there is one common quality that every company seeks : the ability to foster customer loyalty. Focus more on this asset and rest assured that you will be the next candidate these recruiters will line up to call.


123 Main Street l Charlotte, NC 28201
800-888-9999 I coverletter@myemail.com

 Excellent Customer Service Representative with 10 years of experience in fostering customer loyalty, diplomatic conflict resolution and follow through.


  • Proficient in all MS Office Applications, Oracle and NetSuite
  • Heavy Phone Answering from Customers on Order Queries and Complains with Calm Resolution of the same
  • Trouble Shooting Capabilities and Client Advice Technically
  • Telemarketing Skills for Following Up Delinquent Accounts
  • Prompt Submission of Reports to Supervisors
  • Detailed in Maintenance of Customer Billing and Collection Records


AZ Retail Store  (Aug 2012 – present)
Telephone/Customer Representative

  • Customer inquiry and complaint response with calm demeanor and provided adequate solution to the satisfaction of the former
  • Preparation of daily  reports on customer interaction , product returns and surveys conducted
  • Diminished 50% of all delinquent accounts in 2012 by implementing a system in following up delinquent lay-away plans
  • Worked seamlessly with other staff, vendors , supervisors and executives in the stores.
  • Assist periodic surveys from customers, field trainings of new customer representatives in the company and inventory control of the accessories department.

Zmart (June 2010 – July 2012)
Retail Sales Representative

  • Greet every customer promptly and answer inquiries, while applying store’s suggestive selling techniques to increase store profit.
  • Determine customer buying habits through surveys and prepare proposal as a result of the activities
  • Develop client loyalty through friendly customer service and follow-up on new services and after sales follow-through
  • Assist in store promotional activities, store sales activities and banner creation as well as visual presentations


Cherokee Community College –  New York, NY
Associate Degree – Business  (June 2009)


Nursing Resume

nursing resumeMost job applications for nurses are provided online but you can always send in a summary of your achievements to the department that you are applying for.  There are nurse portfolios which you can create and it has a more detailed layout to it , providing more information about your education, your employment details as well as the clinical and technical that you possess which matches the specific position that you wish to seek. Below is a a generic example of what a nursing resume looks like .


123 Main Street l Charlotte, NC 28201
800-888-9999 I coverletter@myemail.com

Excellent Registered Nurse with over 5 years of experience in providing quality care to patients in a variety of departments, top notch support to medical doctors and diplomatic approach to families of patients.

  • Experience in Patient Interaction and Care
  • Proficiency in EHR Software, and Meditech Software
  • Prompt medical and dose monitoring per doctors orders
  • Take Vital Signs, Interpret Fetal Heart and Contraction and Generate Patient Care Plans


Longs Clinic  (Aug 2012 – present)
Registered Nurse

  • Took and recorded the vital signs, blood pressure, heart rate and temperature of clients
  • Coordinated with staff in facilitating client interaction and caring for patients who have appointments in the clinic on a daily basis
  • Directed the transference of patients to the hospitals in emergency cases.
  • Made sure patients are able to take prescribe medicines
  • Assessment o f initial signs from clients, interview patients to existing physical conditions and report the same to the on-duty physician
  • Generate patient assessment, interventions and nursing diagnoses
  • Work closely with multidisciplinary staff and patient’s families in providing care and treatment.


New York School of Nursing –  New York, NY
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (June 2011)

If you need more information and additional help regarding the creation of a specific resume not found here, please fill up the form on our contact page and we will be glad to include it in our database.





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