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about usYourSampleResume.comĀ  is a site for job seekers and job changers who are looking for information and help about how to write their resume and cover letters. We also provide free samples that will either serve as a guide or something that you may deem to be useful in your search for that perfect job. We know that it may take long hours for some in order to produce that award-winning, interest-captivating letter and resume, that is why we decided to give you a guide and samples to cut your time in half or even more. You will also find job descriptions and duties alongside the type of job that you wish to apply for. There are also tips on how to create a more captivating document that your recruiter may not be able to put down. We wish you the best in all of of your endeavors and we hope that you will land that job before you know it. If you want to send us a message or want to comment on how we can improve our site, please contact us by clicking here. You will then be taken to a page where you can fill up a form to get to us.